Welcome to this early (now beta) version of Where-2-See Birds.  The main aim of this website is to show where I and lots of other people go to see birds in North West England and Wales. To do this I've created maps for many popular birding sites in this area using Google Maps. Some places don't have any data on them yet, but each location will eventually have it's own full page map with several types of marker, including:

The area covered by this website
Sightings of less common or rare birds (but not any birds which are likely to be nesting or breeding)
Regular sightings (birds which can usually be seen in a location)
Suggested parking places
 Good places to take photographs

Where-2-See Birds is produced by a number of key birders with local knowledge in each of the map locations. This collaborative process will hopefully provide a useful resource to anyone wanting to see birds in North West England and Wales, particularly newcomers to both birding and the North West area.

To use Where-2-See Birds, just choose a location from the left side of this web page and then double click the link underneath the small map picture to see it full size.  The list of locations and additional site information will grow as I gather data about them. 

I hope you enjoy using Where-2-See Birds and that you find it useful in your birding travels.

Martyn Jones (aka GeekTeacher)

The copyright of the photographs included on any of the maps made available through this website belongs to the photographer named underneath each picture.